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Here’s some of what I’ve been working on recently!

Video Editing and Production…

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Web Design and Consulting…

Gold Style Grooming - Web Design, Marketing, Consulting

When I got the call from Jay, the owner of Gold Style Grooming, I knew I was in for some fun. Most service-oriented businesses keep their branding and marketing very simple. Actually, a lot of service-oriented businesses don’t even have a brand image/marketing strategy!

The truth of the matter is, the service industry is destined to do well. There’s typically always a demand for any given service. But why not take that starting momentum and blast it into the stratosphere with a good brand identity, website, and marketing?

That’s the exact question I asked Jay…

And what followed was the creation of one of the most exciting, customer-oriented dog grooming locations in Southern Maine.

The Final Flag - Web Design, Marketing, Consulting

The Final Flag is a veteran-oriented non-profit located in Bowdoinham, Maine. I helped them create their brand identity, online presence (website, social media, online donation service), and develop a strategy for reaching their target audience online.

New England Fitness - Web Design

The original New England Fitness website was designed by me and laid the foundation for the expansion of the facility that now houses multiple businesses, massage therapists, personal trainers, and more.

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