Gold Style Grooming (Topsham, Maine)

When I got the call from Jay, the owner of Gold Style Grooming, I knew I was in for some fun. Most service-oriented businesses keep their branding and marketing very simple. Actually, a lot of service-oriented businesses don’t even have a brand image/marketing strategy!

The truth of the matter is, the service industry is destined to do well. There’s typically always a demand for any given service. But why not take that starting momentum and blast it into the stratosphere with a good brand identity, website, and marketing?

That’s the exact question I asked Jay…

And what followed was the creation of one of the most exciting, customer-oriented dog grooming locations in Southern Maine.

Brand Identity

The first step was finding the company’s image. Jay was dead set on the name: Gold Style Grooming. So I took that name and Jay’s thoughts regarding the environment he wants to foster and created this…

Based on the likeness of Jay’s late Golden Retriever, I crafted an elegant yet playful identity for the brand. Its minimalistic design allows the branding to be adapted to holidays, events, and more.

Promotional Material

As a service business, Gold Style Grooming required a myriad of promotional material. This included business cards, pamphlets, business signs, and more.

All promotional material was designed by me. I sourced the items from my network of on-demand printing services.


Jay wanted a simple, one-page website that clearly conveyed his brand image, services, and allowed customers to easily book an appointment.

I walked Jay through the steps of obtaining his domain name, signing up for web hosting, and getting me the information I needed to begin designing the website.

Check out the website here:

Online Booking Functionality

We discussed the importance of making the entire experience the easiest it can be for the customer. A part of making it a “breeze” was adding an online appointment scheduling option.

To this day, Gold Style Grooming is seeing the majority of its business through this online booking platform. It helped them get off to a strong start and continue that momentum into the future.

Social Media

Small, local businesses thrive on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. I helped create the brand’s presence on Facebook and gave thorough guidelines on how Jay can make posts himself that truly convert the audience to paying customers.

To this day I continue to manage certain aspects of the social media for this business.

It’s an understatement to say how influential social media has been for Gold Style Grooming.

Video Production

Creating videos that showcase your services and offerings is a daunting idea to many small, local business owners. But with the rise of video content on all social platforms, having at least a few videos showcasing who you are, what you do, and how you do it carries immense power.

Jay wanted to hire me to manage his YouTube and create content based on the services he provides.

The deshedding overview video in particular has boosted his package sales.

Impressed by what you see?

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