Videos are fun!

Visual content is hands down the best way to get exposure accross the internet! I have been creating visual content for myself and other high profile influencers and clients for many years. Click the button below to see the work I’ve done!


LinkedIn is by far one of my favorite social platforms! It allows me to share “niche” info with all of you! I will occasionally post articles and more on my profile, so go check it out!

About Jack…

I am Jack Bontatibus, a guy from the great state of Maine, doing a bunch of stuff online. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with the vast world of the internet. I’ve ingrained myself in content creation, graphic design, website creation, and so much more.

Many of you have a business, a personality, or an idea that is worth sharing with the world. My goal is to help you bring your ideas to fruition and share them with people across the globe.

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