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My name is Jack Bontatibus. I’m currently pursuing multiple business ventures. I am an accomplished freelance video editor with 5+ years of experience working for top influencers. I enjoy using my creative side to approach the many challenges and tasks in my work. I grew up and currently reside in the great state of Maine.

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My passion lies in creating
immense value for every project that lands in my lap…

Video Production

I have 5+ years of experience creating content for top influencers to be distributed on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. My passion lies in creating something that people will enjoy and appreciate.

Social Media Management

I am well-versed in Facebook and Google ads creation, management, and strategy. I’ve managed multiple social media profiles across virtually all platforms.

Web Design and Consulting

I have designed, created, and managed websites for a multitude of businesses and organizations. I helped them understand the importance of their online presence and the best approaches to take.

Recent Clients

Fudgy’s content is gaming-oriented. He records himself playing a plethora of videogames while giving witty and thoughtful commentary.

Video Editing


Gaming, YouTube

When I got the call from Jay, the owner of Gold Style Grooming, I knew I was in for some fun. What followed was the creation of one of the most exciting, customer-oriented dog grooming locations in Southern Maine.

Web Design + Consulting

Gold Style Grooming

Dog Groomer, Topsham Maine

Wynnsanity is a force to be reckoned with! His passion for mobile gaming and content creation can be felt across the world.

Management + Video Editing


Gaming, YouTube

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